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What are the dimensions of the tray?

The dimensions of the tray are 195mm long and 80 mm wide. The size of idlis is standard.

What size of cooker/steamer do I need?

The modular design enables you to use the trays in a range of pressure cookers. The number of trays used can be customised based on the height of the pressure cooker you have. A basic guide would be:

No. of Trays
Pressure cooker - Stainless Steel
4, 6, 8 Trays
Pressure cooker - Stainless Steel
4, 6 Trays
Pressure cooker - Aluminium
4,6 Trays
Pressure cooker - Stainless Steel
4 Trays

What is the material used?

Nest has two types of trays; The Stainless Steel trays and the Non-stick Trays. The Stainless-Steel trays are made of food grade stainless steel (SS 304) while the Non-stick trays have a non-stick coating. The handle is made from silicone. The materials used are food safe.

Why is the nest idli tray better than a conventional idli tray?

This innovative design removes the hassles faced with the conventional idli trays. Nest is compact and takes up a minimal amount of space when stored. The alternate placement of trays ensures even distribution of steam and eliminates the issue of the idlis sticking to the tray above as well. The silicon handle prevents scalding and is designed for ease of usage even when the product is hot. The simple design enables easy assembly and removal and easy cleaning.

What is the rationale for the price?

To ensure we give you the best product available in the market, we maintain the highest standards of quality while designing and manufacturing products for you, with no middle man involved.  ​

What is the inspiration behind the design?

To innovate and elevate the idli making experience and bring traditional methods of cooking into the modern Indian kitchen. The unique sleek design is a contemporary take on the conventional idli steamer mould focusing on simplicity and ease of use.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes it comes with a warranty. Click the Link to know more.

What does this cost include?

The cost is inclusive of GST and transportation cost (across India), apart from the Nest idli Modular Tray set.

Do you deliver Pan India/Internationally?

Yes we deliver to most locations in India and overseas. If you find that we do not service your location within India, mail us at and we will find a way to deliver it to you. For orders out of India, mail us at and we will send you the tray!

Care instructions

Click the Link to know more.

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