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"Truly good design sits at the intersection of beauty, functionality and joy; our vision is to make this philosophy widely accessible.
Our products are thoughtful and are driven to elevate functionality through wonderment and desire creating immensely satisfying experiences."

- Michael Foley


Food is an intrinsic part of our culture, geography and traditions. India is unique in that food habits change dramatically across regions and defines a beautiful sense of India's diversity. This unique position builds a great foundation for our brand Sculpt.

 We believe traditions must evolve making them relevant with changing times. 'Reinventing tradition' has been a driving force behind our creative thinking. Every product we design retains the essences of its origins yet redefined for today's context of lifestyle, habits and spaces.

Idli Sketch 1B.png

We practice an ongoing process of constantly observing food habits, searching for insights and creating new opportunities. Our ideas our rooted in rigorous research and design refinement. Each new product goes through extensive prototyping, testing and validation for every detail in functionality, material and finish. 

IMG_20220322_151848 (1).jpg


Started in 2006, Foleydesigns an award winning product design and innovation company uses inventive thinking to challenge everyday problems, creating simple intuitive solutions.


The studio has a legacy of over 30 years in design and houses multi-disciplinary teams who work together to bring a holistic perspective to any design challenge. 

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